GBX HK lunch gathering with Thomas Yau and Raymond Wong (both from Vancouver), 20221205-HKT

While Thomas Yau in town from Vancouver, we had our 1st GBX dimsum lunch at 囍雲軒 HEYA, TheOne Tsim Sha Tsui, in HK on 5 Dec 2022 HKT. 12 GBX members  attended and most of them knew each other face to face for the first time. We managed to promptly promote our understanding after 5 minutes self-introduction.

Next gathering will blend with business flavour as we will learn from business lunch that organized by GBX Vancouver. Stay tuned.

[By Stephen Lo, GBX HK Liaison Officer]

(L to R, Raymond Wong (Vancouver), Sam TS Chow, Wilson Yeung, Anthony Kwan, Bill Wong, Tony Chan, Stephen Lo, Thomas Yau (Vancouver), Dr Kate Kwan, Pat Ho, Philip Li, Raymond WM Wong)

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