MetaverseAsiaExpo 2022, 17 to 21 Oct 2022, GBX is honored to be a co-organizer

MetaverseAsiaExpo 2022 - Events & Metaverse Exhibitions 17 - 21 Oct 2022 (GMT+8, Beijing/Hong Kong Time) Metaverse Co-organized by the Association Of Blockchain Development (ABCD), Asia CEO Community Limited and Global Business Exchange […]

淪陷時滯留香港文化人大營救的歷史與意義, 余非     GBX Global Business Exchange全球經貿交流 主辦 Zoom 講座   主題: 淪陷時滯留香港文化人大營救的歷史與意義 主講嘉賓:  余非  (作家)                     資深作家時評人|高級編輯                     青年文教工作作家 […]